Residential Settings

As a support worker working for Heart of the south we offer a variety of work placements. We also provide a 24hr on call service, this service is manned by a very experienced team.

Lone Working .Supported Living

Lone working usually entails working in the service users own home .Duties can vary between, trips out, appointments, shopping, housework, meds prompts, personal care, and general well being of the person you’re supporting in a personal centred way. It is vital that the support worker is able to follow care plans, and guidelines efficiently, recording daily records and reporting back to the office team if problems arise.

Team working. Residential.

Working as part of a team is vital with the Residential setting. Sometimes the support worker will be assigned one to one with a service user throughout the day, or it could be a group setting where the all the support workers work together, duties normally include , Personal care, following care plans and guidelines, recording daily records, managing Meds. Daily activities,



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Heart of the South Care Agency can provide Support workers, Carer's, Child Carer's for Clients located in Surrey, Kent, Cornwall and Devon.