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Guidelines to employing your Nursery Staff

We are one of the most well established Care Agencies in your area, being in business for 18 years this year. We can supply specially selected, highly qualified Nursery Nurses and Assistants, for half days-month’s of booking. Many of our Temporary staff have been with us for over one year and return to the same Nurseries for months on end, giving reassurance and continuity to your clients, staff and children all over the Surrey and Cornwall.

We offer a friendly, professional service with a child-care qualified and experienced, knowledgeable and approachable staff. Our candidates range from the newly qualified with little experience through to the seasoned veteran’s, we can also supply experienced assistants. All of our staff are able to be of benefit from the moment they commence their shifts, and quickly become one of the Team. We cover the whole of Surrey and Sussex, Greater London and also Cornwall. We can offer permanent and temporary staff on a day to day basis or long term.

In every office we have specialist staff dedicated to each sector of the childcare market. This enable’s you to build up a good relationship with your recruitment consultant, working closely together, to ensure complete satisfaction.

All Nurseries will receive the same professional, approachable, rapid and honest response to their day to day requirements. We visit all Nurseries, Schools and After School Clubs, understanding the importance of providing the correct person for the job and ensuring that they fit in with your team, playing a vital part. We can accommodate all working shifts above four hour blocks.

We have a great number of Nurseries that have been with us for many years working together to offer the very best of care to young children. We supply both emergency cover on a daily basis and permanent staff on a regular basis to a number of Big chain Nurseries, as well as small Nurseries. Our reputation has been built on providing a cost effective staffing solution to all our clients. We also offer a special sole agency agreement to be discussed with the Office Manager.

Our team have a strict screening process for employing permanent and temporary staff, we vet our staff as well as you would yourself. We carry out:

In depth face to face interviews. Evidence is required to ensure the candidate has a clear understanding of the role they wish to work in, demonstrating clear childcare skills, reward strategies and disciplinary approach. The candidate must prove they are competent, committed and enthusiastic.
All original qualification certificates must be seen.
We check at least five years of each candidates work history, carrying out in-depth reference checking. We always take up verbal as well as written references.
The candidate must supply us with a copy of their CV, with newly qualified staff we accept career entry profile’s.
Identification is checked showing photographic evidence for identity and proof of being able to work, along with utility bills, birth certificate and a driver license.
Everyone has a DBS check carried out at enhanced disclosure level.
Join us now for a refreshing and stress free experience.

Call our Training and Recruitment Coordinator Jasmin Steiner onĀ 01883 722355.

Guidelines for those wishing to employ a Nanny

We have ten year’s experience of sourcing the very best candidates for you in terms of experience, qualifications and personality, matching the right person to yourselves as individuals, and as a family or business. We can supply Nannies, Nursery Nurses, Mothers helps and babysitters, as well as maternity and holiday and holiday scheme Nannies. We can also cater for all sorts of children with special needs, supplying specialised childcarer’s, promptly and reliably.

We interview and reference check all candidates thoroughly, taking all steps to ensure that references are genuine, prior to sending you any applicants for consideration. As well as enhanced police checks including poca/pova and list99(lists pertaining to the prevention of abuse to children and vulnerable adults.

Our interviews are extensive and cover previous experience, views on all aspects of looking after children and delve into the fitness of the candidate’s to carry out their roles. We have no problems with rejecting unfit candidates.

We can give you extensive employment advice or employ a short term temporary Nanny for you.

Conducting Interviews

It is helpful to prepare a list of points that you wish to cover at interview. Ask open questions eg what? why? when? and encourage two way information. Further extensive information on interviewing and the process of hiring a Nanny is available on registration.


A warm welcome to you from the team here at Heart of the South Care Agency.

When you join us we can offer a wide variety of positions where you can find your niche. We can offer full-time, part-time, temporary and permanent work in:

  • Day Nurseries
  • Nursery Schools
  • Holiday play schemes
  • Families
  • Hospitals

We are a well established care agency now in its eighteenth year of business, offering a high standard of childcare to the domestic and corporate sector. As a professional Agency we take childcare very seriously with quality as a priority, offering only the best childcare. We will match your needs.

We like our staff to be happy temping or obtaining a permanent job through us, to achieve this we will only put you forward for positions that are realistic for you, and will not encourage you to do the impossible!. We visit each Nursery/School and talk extensively to Clients to ensure that the position is safe, well presented and if a Nursery meeting all Ofsted requirements, and have a good team working together or a family who will match perfectly with your personality.

We have many Nurseries, some of which have been using our services for the last ten years!.

When working as temporary Nanny/Nursery Nurse you are valuable member to the family. You must remember that they have booked a Nanny because they need you to be there and help them to your full ability. This could be due to illness, work, loss in the family, new arrival, or maybe the mother and father just needs an extra pair of hands.

Working as a Child Care Professional is also very important. Nurseries are faced daily with the stress of keeping to the staff numbers. The rations must be kept to the number of staff required, as this is important for the health and safety of the children. In some cases the Nursery may have sickness and call us in an emergency needing staff. In this case we may need you to get to the Nursery as soon as possible, normally however you will have more notice, and we will block book you.

In offering a Quality service to all our clients it is our Nursery Nurses, Nanny’s, Baby Sitters who play a large part of Heart of the South Care Agency being a great success. We have a fantastic bank of staff who work hard to provide the best childcare to the children.

Following is some basic information to enable you to be a success working as a part of the Team:

Dress Code

When going into any setting always ensure that your dress code is to a sensible standard. Generally always wear smart black trousers and a plain top. Some Nurseries will supply a uniform, we will let you know. Keep hair tied away from your face at all times. Nails should be kept at a reasonable length and kept free of nail polish. Small stud earrings only can be worn when working when working with children. This is due to the amount of accidents reported in the past. Simple jewellery, no long necklaces etc, and flat practical shoes that are easy to work and walk in. A non smoking policy should be adhered to. More information will be supplied on registration. Please call us or fill in our candidate forms.

Please call our Registered Manager on:

Innocent Mupati – 01883 722322 (Surrey)
Clare Rowe – 01872 271557 (Cornwall)

We look forward to adding you to our Team.



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